About Hank

Henry “Hank” S. Garvey passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, December 4, 2014. His untimely death leaves behind his devoted wife Thelma Garvey, and sons Colin Henry, 23 years old and Austin Stuart, 20 years old.

Hank was born in Stockton, California on January 30, 1948 to Rosemary Pauline and John L. Garvey, Jr. He grew up in Santa Rosa and moved to Alameda in the late 80s to raise his family. He was a loving father and husband, who was very involved in raising his two boys. He managed the occasional occupational hazards of being a parent with good-natured humor and intensity and did everything he could to teach his children self-government along the way. Always a dreamer, he was not concerned about the mundane things in ordinary life. Thelma and the boys were his life and he cherished them most.

Passionate about art through his music, paintings and illustrations, he sought to inspire others to pursue their artistic interests. Hank loved traveling and taking pictures of beautiful landscapes and cities abroad. He was a consummate artist and musician, in serious pursuit of the beauty of life and had a variety of talents and interests. He worked for UPS and recently retired with many plans and dreams to pursue his real interests.

In addition to his own family, he is survived by his sister, Rosemary Garvey, and her husband Dominick M. Wall, both of Novato, California.

Celebration of Life

A memorial service for Henry “Hank” Garvey was held at Christ Episcopal Church on Saturday, December 13th, 2014 at 12pm and was well attended by many friends and family members. Hank’s eulogy was given by his son, Colin Garvey, his sister Rosemary, nephew Andrew Murray, and high school classmate Anne Post Nystrom.