To the Garvey family

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I never thought the last time I’d actually see Hank Garvey would actually be the last. He taught me many valuable life lessons about school the last time I talked to him. He would lecture me all the time, that showed me he cared. I’ve known the Garvey family for 8 years. I treat Austin Garvey like my brother, and Thelma like my mother. He was always playing piano or guitar when I would come over to the family’s house. He was an incredible musician. Austin told me what happened the day after his fathers death, I’m so glad that Austin isn’t suffering. I love Thelma, Austin, Colin, and Hank. I appreciate having them in my life and I always will.

With Sympathy

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Ive never met Hank, but I am friends with Collin and I know what it is like to loose someone close. It takes a long time to cope with such a profound loss, and my heart and prayers go out to Collin and his family.

With Love,

My Sincere Condolences….

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To Colin and the larger Garvey family,

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of a father who was clearly loved, loving, and very talented. From getting to know Colin, he did a great job as Father; Colin has impressed me with his friendly, honest, and helpful attitude while working with him at Genentech. I can’t say I’ve ever seen him without a smile on his face.

Perhaps these days the smile may not be as quick to shine, but have no fear, Colin! Despite the heartache and grief, you will be able to move on to continue your growth as one excellent human being (not to mention professional in all that you do!)

To the Garvey family, my best wishes to all of you.

Matt Upson (Colin’s co-worker at Genentech

A Great Mentor

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I remember Hank telling me about the 5 steps and 8 steps of safety at UPS.I will miss Hank.Stories about Hank’s family that he loved sooo much.I told Hank if ever become famous musician,and I will be his roadie and security.


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It was a lovely service for you today Hank. You are loved by many. The party you threw after the service was terrific. I know you were watching and we celebrated your life. I bet there is a party in heaven now. My condolences to Thelma and the rest of your immediate family and the countless number of friends. Love, Ginger

Remembering Hank.

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It’s early a.m. Saturday as I write this. Been sick in bed with a monster flu/cold and am hoping I can make it to my friend Hank’s Memorial Service in just hours. Hank and I met during the Jesus Movement years (early 70’s) at Christian Life Center and went through Bible Training together at the Genesis School. I always appreciated Hank’s sincerity and and straightforward ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ personality. There was no guile or phoniness to Hank. He was true and honest with a smile that right-away took you in to be a friend. I lost touch with Hank for decades but never forgot him and would enquire about him at various times. What a joy to re-aquaint myself with him and meet his family at one of the reunion picnics we’ve enjoyed in recent years. He was the same Hank!; the open-hearted, friendly, funny and caring dude I had met in my twenties!! I had hoped for more times of fellowship ahead as our lives now were transitioning to retirement and such. I’m saddened to hear of his ‘too soon’ passing. But, I know there is a Resurrection and that Hank lives on, with his Lord, and it won’t be long before all of us who long for that will be completed and graduated also. My prayers are with all his family to be comforted and upheld at this time.

Hank Garvey A Treasure To All

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He was a light up Christmas tree of a boy and a man. He could light up the sky with that smile of his. I will always be thankful he turned me on to Jesus. He was a guy who sang with passion and painted with grace and creative excitement. For years I had a bag of Roman soldiers he used as models for artwork he was doing way back in the 70’s. I am glad he had a great life with a wife and boys he loved. He will be missed by many.

Hank and Chandler Playing Music Once Again

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The irony…….Chandler Lane passed away on December 5th, 1980 and 34 years later almost to the day Hank Garvey joins him. Chandler and Hank played music together many, many years ago. This picture that Hank drew of my Dad (attached) has been hanging in my mom’s (Deborah Lane) house since I was old enough to remember. In 2006 we had the pleasure to attend an old junior high reunion on behalf of my dad and one of the first people to come up to me, my brother, and my mom to tell us old stories of my dad, was Hank. What a genuine, charismatic, talented, friendly and warm man he was. The amazing memories he shared about playing music with my dad, we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. What a sad time it is to lose someone in this physical world, but what a beautiful time it is for two old friends to reconnect in the spiritual world. We send you all the most sincere condolences. Keep the memories alive.

With Love,
The Lane Family……Deborah Gene, Joelle, Benjamin and Marian

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Hanks art inspiration

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Hi my name is Kalleb, I am a very good friend of Colin, pretty much a brother to each other. In the past 6 years every time I would go to the Garveys home, Hank would talk to me for what seemed forever about my art and how to make it more professional. He would give me a bunch of numbers, for people who will help me and my paintings grow. I remember in most recent times he was trying to give me multiple files on cd of expensive books on how to draw, and paint for free. Looking back on it I really wish I took advantage of that opportunity. Hank was a man who wanted to not only see his son do his best, but also friends, he wanted me to be the best artist I can be. Your love, passion, and inspiration will forever be with me, love you Hank. Sincerely Kalleb.

A small but memorable encounter

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I met Hank only recently, when I went to his house to pick up an item I had left in Colin’s car. What might have been a quick stop turned into a 30-minute dialog on art, travel, and family. He told me about a painting (by Rubens, I think) that he used to regularly go and see at the De Young museum, and how he felt when thieves broke in and stole it. I told him about my upcoming trip to Washington DC to visit family, and it was as a result of our chat that I made sure to visit the National Gallery and other museums while I was there. I’m glad I did — I saw some great things there.

I’m grateful to have known him for only that little while. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see him again and share some more stories.


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Shortly over a year ago, Hank and I re-established contact (after well over 50+ years) via occasional email and Facebook posts. We both enjoyed twisting the English language into a pretzel with our respective versions of “witty” prose…however, it was never a “competition”. I think we equally enjoyed the other’s attempts to keep our dialogue from getting boring. I will miss that very much. Rest In Peace, Hankster.