Hanks art inspiration

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Hi my name is Kalleb, I am a very good friend of Colin, pretty much a brother to each other. In the past 6 years every time I would go to the Garveys home, Hank would talk to me for what seemed forever about my art and how to make it more professional. He would give me a bunch of numbers, for people who will help me and my paintings grow. I remember in most recent times he was trying to give me multiple files on cd of expensive books on how to draw, and paint for free. Looking back on it I really wish I took advantage of that opportunity. Hank was a man who wanted to not only see his son do his best, but also friends, he wanted me to be the best artist I can be. Your love, passion, and inspiration will forever be with me, love you Hank. Sincerely Kalleb.

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